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Accident Insurance Info

accident insurance infoDid You Know…When Someone is in an auto accident, car insurance will pay for chiropractic and massage care regardless of who is at fault.  There is a lot of misinformation regarding accident insurance info, but we can help you understand it




Will My Car Insurance Pay for My Injuries if My Car Isn’t Damaged?

YES!  If you carry Texas car insurance, you probably have something called Personal Injury Protection. 99% of the drivers in Texas carry $2,500 of this coverage on their car insurance. Unless you took the extra steps of signing an extra document and faxing it back that you absolutely DID NOT want this coverage, then you have it and you pay for it every month. So if you are paying for it every month….why not use it to feel better after your car accident? Just the hassle of having to deal with insurance companies, body shops, getting your car fixed, rental car companies, etc builds up stress in the body. Let us help you ease that stress, feel better, and we will do all of the paperwork and billing for you.

Will My Car Insurance Pay for My Injuries if The Accident Was My Fault?

YES!  Personal Injury Protection is a no-fault policy.  They will even pay for your injuries if you hurt your back lifting something heavy out of the trunk of your car!

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