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Can Auto Accidents Change Your Spinal Alignment?

Auto Accidents Change Your Spinal Alignment for the Worst!

The answer to this question is: absolutely!!

auto-accident-neck-injury-plano-txDuring an auto accident,  the force of the impact is translated into the tissues associated with the neck. Many times the neck loses the normal c shaped curve and turns into an abnormal straight cervical spine. These abnormal positions make the neck sixteen times weaker speeds up degeneration and arthritis in the cervical spine. The most notable and short term effect after an auto accident is pain, headaches,  and muscles spasms. It’s very important to not only quell pain and muscle spasms but to restore mechanical integrity to the spine. If bio-mechanical integrity is not restored you will constantly be hampered with this injury.

Chiropractic is an Effective Treatment for Auto Accident

Chiropractic is the treatment that restores bio-mechanical integrity to the spine. Chiropractic works first for reducing pain and muscles spasms and then fixing the underlying cause of the problem. Chiropractic adjusting increases the range of motion loss from the auto accident as well as facilitating proper alignment.

If you visit a Medical Doctor the treatment protocol is usually pain medication or muscles relaxers, but of which only, although with many side effects, help only with symptoms and not restoring function. Physical Therapy on the other hand, does not stop the pain, but may decrease some of the muscle spams. Physical Therapy doesn’t focus on restoring bio-mechanical integrity of the spine, only soft tissue. Chiropractic is by far the most effective at having patients recovery and heal properly from auto accidents.

In the State of Texas, everyone automatically has Personal Injury Protection (also known as PIP) on their car insurance policy.  You will not have to pay for your treatment if you use your PIP.


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