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Car Accident Injuries Dallas

Have you sustained an injury in a car accident recently in Dallas?

Car Accident Injuries Dallas

Brain injuries are more common after a car crash than you may think. Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries or MTBI is a form of damage suffered when you have a concussion. Surprisingly, you don’t even have to hit your head to suffer a concussion in a car crash. The sudden jerk of your head causes your brain to become damaged resulting in sometimes very mild symptoms often overlooked at the ER, your family physician or general chiropractor. A true car accident medical expert however, knows the signs and symptoms to detect even mild injuries and provide treatment necessary to return your brain to normal.

Do You Have Any of These Symptoms of Whiplash?

If you have these symptoms, it’s important to get checked immediately by an expert who works with this specific type of injury.

Headache Irritability
Neck stiffness/soreness Restless sleep
Arm or hand tingling, pain or numbness Tiredness
Nausea Fatigue
Dizziness Confusion
Forgetfulness Blurry vision

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