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Car Accident Injuries in Dallas TX: What You Need to Know

car accident injuriesDid you know that most car accident injuries don’t reveal themselves for days or even weeks after a collision?

MYTH: If there is no damage to the car, then there can be no car accident injury, and therefore insurance companies will not cover any type of treatment.

This is completely false. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that car accident injuries can occur without there being any damage to the vehicle. The insurance companies know this, but they bank on the fact that you do not. In fact, low speed collisions with little or no damage to the vehicles make up a significant portion of the cases handled and paid out by auto insurance companies.  Click here to read more about low speed collisions.


MYTH: If you do not have pain immediately following the accident, or if it’s a week or two after the accident before you start having pain, then you can’t receive treatment for it, or have any treatment included in the insurance claim.

This is completely false. It is common for car accident injuries to not start developing until weeks or months after the accident, and again there is plenty of scientific evidence that supports this. It is routine for people to begin care weeks or months after the accident, despite what your insurance company may lead you to believe.


MYTH: You cannot possibly have a low back injury from an auto accident because your low back is completely protected by the car seat.

Again, this is false. Insurance companies like to claim that your low back cannot possibly be injured because it’s protected by your seat. There is plenty of scientific evidence showing that your low back can be injured in an auto accident. Insurance companies regularly pay for treatment of low back injuries.


If you’ve noticed a pattern here, that’s because there is one. Insurance companies will say anything to convince you that they don’t owe you money. Anyone who has ever had to deal with an auto insurance company after an accident can attest to this. In fact, this reason alone is why many people hire a personal injury attorney, strictly to deal with the insurance company.


At Austin Ranch Chiropractic you don’t have to pay anything up front or out of pocket. Click here to read about how we file a PIP claim so your treatment can begin as soon as possible.


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