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Step 3 Free Car Accident Injury Evaluation

Car Accident Injury Dallas TXHopefully, you have completed Steps 1 and 2 recommended elsewhere on this site. If not, go to the links below and complete those steps now. They will help ensure that you are fully protected. Then return here for this important third step in the process.

Step 1: Do this within the first 72 hrs after accident

Step 2: Read What Dallas Car Accident Victims Need to Know

Car Accident Injury Dallas TX Evaluation

Now that those steps are completed, I am sure you understand the importance of using the right car accident injury specialist  for your case. As you’ve learned, there are many pitfalls to using just any doctor. In an auto accident case, not all doctors are equal. The wrong one will damage your case and potentially leave you with life long injuries.

So if you truly care about getting better after your auto accident and want to make sure that you will not be taken advantage of by the insurance company, then take the next step and call for your Free Auto Accident Injury Evaluation in Dallas, TX (972) 820-5880

Call Now and You Will Receive:

  • Face to face consultation with Dr Alex Temple
  • Specialized car accident and brain injury physical examination
  • Spinal test to uncover potential hidden injuries
  • Recommended Action Plan Written Report

The package is worth over $345, but is offered to Dallas Area Car Accident victims- Free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to receive treatment. (And yes, if you live in the Dallas Metroplex and have had a car accident, we will honor this special evaluation for you as well. Many of our patients travel from outlying areas for Dr Temple’s expertise)

So Contact Us Today!

1. Call or Text our 24 Hour Hotline 469-585-9346 to schedule your Complimentary Exam

2. Schedule your New Patient Consultation online now.

3.If you are shy or not ready to seek professional care: Please Fill out the form below and I will email you my Get Better Faster At Home Care Guide.

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