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Frequently Asked Questions about PIP

When looking for a chiropractor after a car accident be sure to check inform him or her of your PIP.
chiropractor after car accident dallas What is PIP?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection. It is one of the few patient-friendly insurances that still exists today. So if you have it…keep it! You may even want to increase your coverage due to it’s low cost.

PIP is a “no fault” coverage similar to health insurance for your injuries and your passengers injuries. This coverage is available regardless who caused the accident. Yes, you can be the cause of the accident and you will still be covered. There’s no deductible and no co-payment. If you do not have PIP then you could still be covered if someone else in the car has PIP.

How does a person take advantage of their PIP benefits?

Simple, all you need to do is bring your claim number to your doctor that is treating you for your auto injuries. From there they will be happy to process it for you. That is it. There is no expense that you need to pay. Auto insurance will pay 100% of your medical bills up to $2500.00 if that is your policy limit.  If you opted for a higher limit, it may cover more.


What will a PIP claim do to my insurance rates and policy renewal?

Under section 5.7016 of the Texas insurance code, automobile insurance carriers cannot non-renew you for filing one PIP claim in a 12 month period. Also, it is unlikely that they would raise your rates for a sole PIP claim.

Why doesn’t the other guy’s insurance pay for my medical expenses and why should I use my insurance?

Medical treatment is expensive and you are liable for the costs. There is a chance that the other party may never pay for your medical expenses leaving you a financial burden. PIP gives you peace of mind that your medical bills are covered. If you use your health insurance, you may have to pay a deductible and co-pays to your doctor and if the health insurance finds out that you were in an accident they could request to be reimbursed. Some people get referred to a medical provider by their attorney and the medical provider agrees to be paid months or even years later. Since there are a limited number of medical providers who agree to this arrangement, your choice and quality of healthcare may be limited. The answer is to use your PIP coverage so you will not have to pay for medical expenses out of your pocket and get the best possible healthcare treatment available for you and your family’s injuries caused by the accident.

Very Few Chiropractors in DFW know how to bill your PIP.  Many will tell you that you still have to pay upfront!  So Contact Us Today!

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What are the specifics of PIP?

In discussing PIP coverage, one should know that this coverage is regulated in the Texas Insurance Code, Sections 1952.151 thru 1952.161. Section 1952.151 says that PIP provides payment of all reasonable expenses that arise from an accident for: A) necessary medical care, B) lost income for a wage earner, and C) reinbursement for reasonable expenses for essential services ordinarily performed by the injured person. An example of this last one would be reinbursing an injured person for having to pay someone to mow his yard because his injuries prevented him from doing it himself. Another important thing to realize about PIP coverage is found in Section 1952.152. This section says an insurance company must provide PIP coverage in any and all polices issued in the State of Texas. This coverage is automatic unless the named insured rejects the coverage in writing. Section 1952.153 requires that the minimum for PIP coverage be $2500. There is not a maximum required by law. A maximum is left to the discretion of the insurance company. Section 1952.155 is another important part of PIP law. This section says that PIP benefits are payable without regard to the fault of a person seeking coverage. Also, this section says PIP is payable without regards to whether or not there is other insurance to cover the loss. In other words, this section actually allows for a “double recovery”. Section 1952.156 deals with time limits for presenting the claim for PIP benefits and the time frame for the insurance company to pay these benefits. Section 1952.157 provides for the penalties an insurance company faces for not promptly paying claims under PIP benefits. Another relevant section is Section 1952.159. This section allows an offset against a liability claim. This normally applies to a situation where a passenger is injured due to an insured drivers’ negligence. The passenger would normally receive PIP benefits soon after an accident, then later on settle the liability claim against the driver. When the claim against the driver is settled under the liability portion of the settlement, the insurance company can take a credit or offset against the monies paid under the PIP portion of the policy. PIP is a valuable coverage to be able to make a recovery from. And it is important to know and understand the way PIP coverage works so as to insure an insurance company adjuster does not accidentally or deliberately handle the claim wrong.

As you can see…Dr Alex Temple knows his PIP law and will provide you the best service for your auto accident injuries.   So Contact Us Today!

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