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How Do I Know If I Was Injured During An Auto Accident


This is a common question that we receive, however it is usually from someone who was in an accident years earlier and said they had little to no symptoms after the wreck. The fact is you don’t have to have symptoms right after and accident for you to be injured, truth be told many symptoms show up, day, weeks, months, are even years later. Pain is usually what brings people into our office but it should not be the main reason they seek out a chiropractor.

After an accident the best course should be to get examined weather it’s a chiropractor or medical doctor, of course I am partial because I am a chiropractor, but a medical doctor will be very quick to dismiss you if you don’t have any pain at the time being. On the other hand a chiropractor will do a full orthopedic, chiropractic, neurological, and radiographic examination. The reason why radiographs are important is because they can see the alignment and positioning of your spine. If you have abnormal positioning from the radiographs you have a problem, while the misalignment or aberrant positioning may not be causing pain or problems now it most certainly can as time goes by and you age. This is the decision you should let your chiropractor make.

I have seen people in chronic pain years after there accident that had virtually no or minimal pain after their accident. Do yourself a favor, any opportunity to help alleviate the after effects of an accident will be greatly appreciated by your body and chiropractor, as it easier to fix little problems than big chronic ones

In the State of Texas, everyone automatically has Personal Injury Protection (also known as PIP) on their car insurance policy.  You will not have to pay for your treatment if you use your PIP.


If you have been in an auto accident in the last 24-72 hours Call us at 972-820-5880 for a Complimentary Exam or schedule your New Patient Consultation online now.


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